personal career coaching

Go beyond just a traditional Career Assessment with a one-on-one, out of the box career coaching session. Learn how to, adapt, innovate and transform your career, find your passion or take your current job to a whole new level with these unique sessions. 

We do specific sessions for students from ages 15-25 to help with finding the right career.

We also work with adults from ages 25 to 65 for help with finding a new passion, transitioning into a new field and integrating a work/life balance, so your vocation feels purposeful and inspirational. 

These sessions are perfect for creatives, business, technical and those who have no idea what their dream job is. 

Want to find your passion? Should you start your own business? What careers will still be valid or needed in the future? Can I earn a living following my passion? We help our clients to answer these important questions.

Sessions aim to help individuals create a happy, purpose-driven, financially rewarding and balanced work/home life.

Sessions are 2-3 hours in length. Price: R1500. They are conducted live via Zoom with the founder of the Gap Year Life and Career Coaching Course, Andrew Simpson.

Sessions are Conducted on Selected Weekdays Live Via Zoom

For more information or to book a session please email